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Despite the law, many truck drivers still drive while fatigued

There are a number of factors that can increase your risk of experiencing a serious or even fatal car crash. Even when you try your best to prioritize safety, you can't control the weather or the behavior of other people on the road. Drivers who feel tired, drive distracted or get behind the wheel while chemically impaired certainly put everyone else at risk.

In order to reduce that risk, there are laws in place that penalize drivers who choose to drive while under the influence, as well as those who choose to text or use social media while driving. Of course, commercial drivers are subject to the same rules, and often get held to a higher standard. That doesn't stop them from making mistakes, including choosing to continue driving when they feel tired.

Study: brain injuries a big problem for motorcycle passengers

Few people across Colorado need to be told that riding a motorcycle can be a risky activity. Unfortunately, much of that risk often owes to the negligent driving of motorists in passenger vehicles who don't give enough attention or respect to motorcyclists.

We routinely work with knowledge and diligence on behalf of accident victims at the Alamosa-based personal injury law firm of Vance & Larson.

Always concerning: Thanksgiving holidays and drunk drivers

Thanksgiving Day is a time for gratitude and happiness each year for legions of Americans, including individuals and families all across Colorado. Such sentiments are implied in its very name.

For some people, though, the annual holiday period becomes horribly marred by personal injuries suffered that owe directly to third-party negligence.

Crashes involving animals keep increasing in Colorado

Most Coloradans are accustomed to having encounters with wildlife. After all, our state is notorious for its rugged wilderness and numerous ranches. From wild animals like bears and deer to domesticated ones like cattle and horses, there is no shortage of animals for us to see. Still, when animals venture from their habitats and encroach upon the human world, the results can be unexpected.

One common example is when animals stray onto our roadways. Even the most experienced Colorado driver can be the unwitting victim of an animal-related collision. And according to a recent study, car accidents involving animals are becoming increasingly common.

Commercial truck drivers can't drink and drive in Colorado

You take a risk every time you get behind the wheel of a motor vehicle. Chances are, you do you best to reduce those risks by driving safely and following the rules of the road. However, you can't control the bad decisions made by other drivers. People in other vehicles can swerve into your lane, drive too fast or just choose distraction over focusing on safety. Exhausted drivers and drunk drivers can put everyone at risk.

When the person who is taking unnecessary risks is a commercial truck driver, people in passenger vehicles are at increased risk of injury or death. When commercial trucks crash with passenger vehicles, the people in the smaller vehicle are much more likely to end up hurt or killed. That's why drunk or impaired driving when in a commercial vehicle is a serious concern. It could prove fatal for others on the road. Sometimes, however, that doesn't stop a reckless person from getting behind the wheel.

Animal-SUV collision stark reminder of danger on Colorado roads

Constant vigilance is the mantra for all drivers across Colorado.

And as dire as the need is for unwavering attention to be the byword for motorists in urban areas across the state, it is every bit as important that drivers in more remote regions constantly scan the space around them for potential danger.

Car crash-related brain injuries can cause permanent disability

Getting into a serious car crash is a terrifying experience. The loss of control and potential for a fatality can change an individual's perspective. Every day, people end up sustaining severe injuries, like spinal cord injuries, or even dying as a result of a collision. Many people are ecstatic just to be able to walk away from a wreck with minimal injuries.

Unfortunately, many people who seem uninjured can actually end up severely hurt by a car crash. Brain injuries, which are relatively common injuries, can take days or even weeks to fully manifest symptoms. Those symptoms could end up limiting the victim's ability to work or even provide daily self care.

Deadly accident trend disheartens safety regulators

Free will is a trait that is often pointed to as fundamentally distinguishing humans from other species.

As far as safety regulators from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration are concerned, people could be doing a lot better job exercising that characteristic when engaging in behind-the-wheel behaviors out on state and national roadways.

Kids and Halloween: Common injuries and how to keep them safe

Halloween is only a few weeks away. You may have gotten your children’s costumes, stocked the pantry with candy and double checked the local trick or treating hours, but have you taken steps to reduce their risk for injury?

Unfortunately, getting injured during Halloween is common. The organization Safe Kids reports that there are twice as many children struck by cars while walking in the street on Halloween than any other day of the year. 

These 3 losses are compensable after a wrongful death

As a young adult who has suffered the loss of both parents in a car crash, you may wonder what you can do to obtain compensation for your loss. The compensation isn't just for you, because it covers funeral costs and other end-of-life needs for your mother and father.

There are many things that happen after the death of a parent. If either of your parents have a will, then that may have information about the estate that has to be divided among family. If you are an only child, you may stand to inherit the entire estate, depending on the will. If your parents don't have a will, it's likely that you will receive the entire estate.

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