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These 3 losses are compensable after a wrongful death

As a young adult who has suffered the loss of both parents in a car crash, you may wonder what you can do to obtain compensation for your loss. The compensation isn't just for you, because it covers funeral costs and other end-of-life needs for your mother and father.

There are many things that happen after the death of a parent. If either of your parents have a will, then that may have information about the estate that has to be divided among family. If you are an only child, you may stand to inherit the entire estate, depending on the will. If your parents don't have a will, it's likely that you will receive the entire estate.

The American workplace: troublesome landscape for older workers?

No, it's not time -- nor would it be fair -- to sound a clarion call of concern for America's comparatively older employees in the workforce. Doing so would certainly be a bit alarmist, as well as potentially discriminatory because, as noted in a recent Denver Post article, "it's dangerous to lump all people in an age group together."

Relevant statistics applicable to the country's progressively aging workforce don't lie, though, and what they starkly reveal is that older workers -- read the baby boomer demographic especially, with age 65 and up being an instructive marker -- are confronting an on-the-job environment that is far more problematic than it is for their younger peers.

Litigating a motor vehicle accident case: What's relevant?

You instinctively surmise that consideration of whether to file a legal claim following a motor vehicle accident most often revolves around a number of things, right?

And your instincts are entirely correct, of course, because that is unquestionably true in most cases. As we note on a personal injury page of the Vance & Larson Law Firm in Alamosa, "Not every accident should result in a claim."

Exhaustion is a common contributor to commercial truck crashes

Getting behind the wheel of a car is generally safe, but occasionally it can become dangerous quickly. While you may make every effort to drive carefully, other vehicles on the road can put you at risk. When another driver makes a mistake, it can result in a serious accident. If that other driver is operating a commercial vehicle, like a semitruck or an eighteen wheeler, the results could be catastrophic. Injuries could be severe, even fatal, for the people in your vehicle. The vehicle itself is liable to end up a complete loss.

There are a number of factors that can contribute to commercial truck accidents. Trucks have big blind spots, make wide turns and can have trouble stopping quickly if something unexpected happens. Sometimes, an attempt to quickly stop could lead a commercial truck to jackknife, skiddng sideways and blocking all lanes of traffic. Other times, a truck driver could simply lose control of the vehicle.

No-zone crashes: Do you know what those are?

Drivers of passenger vehicles in Colorado and across the country intuitively know quite a bit about the huge commercial trucks -- 18-wheel rigs, tractor trailer behemoths and so forth -- that are occasionally in close proximity with them on state and national freeways and other busy thoroughfares.

For starters, there's this: They're frighteningly large and obviously nothing to be trifled with. In the most literal sense, they are to be steered clear of.

Motorcycle fatalities jump more than 8 percent in 2015

It goes without saying that motorcyclists are in a risky position out on the road. Their vehicles inherently don't provide the safety that other vehicles offer. Cars have airbags, a fully-closed canopy, seat belts and many other safety options. Motorcyclists can only wear a helmet and a padded jacket -- and hope that they aren't involved in an accident.

We bring all of this up in light of some new data that the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration compiled about 2015. In that year, fatalities in motorcycle accident increased significantly -- 8.3 percent -- when compared to 2014. 4,976 people died in 2015, as compared to the 4,594 people that died in motorcycle accidents in 2014.

Filing a wrongful death suit – the basics

When we lose a loved one due to the negligence or recklessness of another, we typically want answers and justice. In many cases, wrongful death suits come after a criminal trial. For example, if a wreck with a drunk driver is responsible for the death of an individual, the family might choose to follow through with a suit for wrongful death after the court either convicts or finds innocent the accused driver. Since the burden of proof is much lower in wrongful death cases versus criminal trials, it is possible to win a claim even if the court found the defendant innocent of any criminal wrongdoing.

In order to file a wrongful death suit, the personal representative of your loved one's estate must initiate the filing. The suit might include the demand for damages for injuries, pain and suffering of the decedent, and any other expenses that resulted from the accident. Read further to find out more about the basics of a wrongful death lawsuit.

Fatal accident underscores outsized risks in construction industry

Select work realms are widely known to be comparatively dangerous, with serious accidents and fatal injuries to workers occurring at singularly high rates.

The construction industry is certainly a case in point, with stories -- many of them decidedly tragic -- seemingly arising almost every day to underscore the pronounced perils for employees who labor on roadway improvements, in commercial and residential building projects and on other matters in Colorado and across the country.

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