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Know the signs of a brain injury after an accident

Almost any type of accident, including a fall on another person's property or a car crash, can lead to a brain injury. These can range from minor issues up to very serious, life-threatening injuries. Anyone who is involved in an accident of any sort should pay attention to what is going on in the days and weeks after the accident.

If you think that you suffered a brain injury, you should seek out medical care. An evaluation might help to determine the extent of the injury and can get you started on a treatment plan.

Wrongful death and related costs: the Takata money trail continues

It becomes progressively clearer as time passes that the unprecedented disaster and continuing fallout linked with faulty Takata air bags is, if anything, escalating.

It is hard for any personal injury legal blog with good-faith intentions of keeping its audience well informed on important and topical safety-related news to not check in at least periodically over the past couple years with a Takata-related tale, especially given the recurring regulatory updates that occur.

Who is to blame for accidents involving livestock?

People who live in Colorado know that between the mountains and the plains, this state is home to a diverse population of wildlife. There are also massive farms and ranches where livestock can be found. The abundance of animal life here is awe-inspiring, but it does come with some hazards.

For instance, motorists in this state are at a very real risk of getting into an accident with an animal. So, it can be important for Colorado residents to understand who, if anyone, can be held responsible for serious accidents involving livestock.

3 myths about concussions that people need to stop believing

You saw the other vehicle heading toward you, but you had nowhere else to go. When it collided with your vehicle, you hit your head on the window before striking the airbag. You immediately had a splitting headache.

In accidents like yours, it's common to develop a concussion from the impact your body has suffered. The movement of your head going forward and back or quickly side to side can cause whiplash, and impacts could cause swelling or bleeding on the brain. You may have a good idea about what a concussion is, but there are many myths to address. Here are just three to remember.

Ski resorts: Are they sufficiently regulated or not?

Chances are, if you are a long-tenured Colorado skier or have friends who are, you have a few close-call or downright harrowing stories to share.

And this is why, of course: Ski slopes are slippery venues, and not everyone negotiating his or her way down one is an Olympic-caliber performer.

Takata air bags: the alarming wrongful death saga continues

Pretty much anyone in Colorado or nationally with a driver's license and a car has paid more than scant attention in recent years to discussions and news items relating to air bags made by the Japanese manufacturer Takata Corporation.

And the reason for that is simple: they have exploded with deadly force, in an appallingly high number of instances. Wrongful death cases alleging faulty air bag have been filed in the United States and across the globe, and legitimate fears regarding the flatly dangerous products have spurred the largest automotive safety recall ever announced in the U.S.

This time every year, a recurring theme: road work-zone safety

If you detected a little extra splash of orange color out on the roadways in and around Alamosa or elsewhere in Colorado last Wednesday, the state's Department of Transportation thanks you for your attention, viewing its job as half done.

Of course, there is that other half. What state safety officials sought to convey last week through a temporary infusion of strong color was (1) that you saw it, and (2) that it instilled in you an understanding of what it was linked with.

Accident kills 13 in rural Texas

"Son, do you know what you just did?"

Those words cut to the point of a recent Associated Press story about a tragic accident that left 13 dead in Texas when a pickup crossed the centerline and struck a church minibus.

The quote comes from a witness, who says the pickup driver was texting while driving. The accident took place on March 31, one day before the start of Distracted Driving Awareness Month.

Survey says … something truly alarming about Colorado drivers


That is how a ranking official with the Colorado Department of Transportation terms the results of a recent survey sent to hundreds of motorists across the state that solicited their responses to driving-related questions.

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